Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship

Do you know a refugee or a hidden talent who has been talking lengthily about a book he or she plans to write and get published? Well, it's about time you help this potential author quit talking and begin doing! To help your identified enthusiastic writer bundle his or her knowledge, interests, hobbies, expertise, passion, skills, talents, motivational speaking, and all the good stuffs he or she is good at into a book for his or her readers in wait, Flowers' Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship is the perfect book gift you could get for the undiscovered author. In this how-to and what-to-do book, Flowers shares with writing enthusiasts the techniques that work for him and might work for them. The book presents the ingredients that might help a refugee at a refugee camp plan, draft, write and author a novel in 50 days or less.

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