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The Michael Flowers Initiatives are taken by Michael Flowers in collaborative partnership with Flowers School of Technology and Management and affiliates in order to support the DAFI Scholarship Programme & Refugee Education; Build Strategic Leaders of Excellence & Empower the Needy; and to Advance Peace Through Education to achieve a balanced global development.

Neither Flowers nor his Associates (Affiliates) are engaged in soliciting or accepting donations for the Flowers' initiatives described throughout the webpages of the official Michael Flowers website. However, we endeavour to align your proposed offer with the appropriate authority or authorities. Anyone found in a deliberate act of representing Michael Flowers and or any Flowers' associate in a quest to solicit donations or funds on behalf of Michael Flowers and or Flowers' associates shall be liable for criminal offence and shall be persecuted.

Michael Flowers and associates will not store your personally identifiable information for any purpose beyond the mission of what the official website for Michael Fllowers describes. Michael Flowers and associates expect all users of this website to observe and respect the privacy of anyone mentioned on this website.

As there are links that lead to third party websites, it is paramount to observe that all terms and conditions of the Michael Flowers' official website, Flowers School of Technology and Management and affiliate website apply to the usage of this website. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) protects the interest of refugees, Flowers' core target group, and as such it should be in your interest to familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy of the UNHCR.